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Friday, June 29, 2012

About Anne Rice, great reviews and free e-books!

Wow! What a day I just had. The legendary Anne Rice allowed me to post about my book on her fansite!! When I did she even commented on my post. Here is what she wrote. I am so happy. She is my idol. Savage is inspired by her books. (To those of you who don't know Therese is my real name - Willow Rose is a pen-name!)

On the more serious part Savage is receiving great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Check them out here:

I will be giving the book away in various giveaways on book-blogs during this summer so if you're interested in receiving a free copy then "Like" me on Facebook and keep an eye out. I will post a link every time there is a giveaway, review or interview. 
Meanwhile I am working hard on writing the sequel and so far I am very satisfied with the story. I even think it might be better than the first book. 
I have also decided to put up Beyond, the first book in my Afterlife-series for free on Amazon two days next week - Monday and Tuesday as a sort of "4th of July special-event". So look out for it and grab yourself a free book. 

That was a little news about this and that from me.
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  1. That had to be awesome to experience:) I look forward to reading Savage!

  2. And I look forward to hear what you think! Enjoy!