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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great scary offer for Halloween!

Hi everyone
Happy Halloween! It's time to get scared.
I have just released the second book in my Scandinavian-horror/mystery-series called "Three, Four ... Better lock your door". It is the sequel to "One, Two ... He is coming for you" and it is seriously scary.

To celebrate Halloween I will be putting up the first book in this series for FREE from tomorrow so hurry up and get them both while you can.

Meanwhile i am working on the third book and hope to have it out in a month or so.

Until then take care out there,

Willow Rose

Monday, October 22, 2012

Get the entire Afterlife-series for the price of one book!!

Hi Everyone

I have a great offer for you this week. I have put up TWO of my books in the Afterlife-series for FREE on Amazon. Beyond (Afterlife#1) and Endurance (Afterlife#2) are both free. That means you can get the ENTIRE SERIES for the price of one book - 2.99!!! Three books for only 2.99! That is a great offer and one you won't miss :-)

So hurry up and grab the entire series here:

Beyond (Afterlife#1) for FREE!!

Serenity (Afterlife#2) only 2.99!!

Endurance (Afterlife#3) for FREE!!

It is for a limited time only.

Take care and enjoy your reading,

Willow Rose

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New horror-novel coming!

Hi Everybody

So Halloween is almost here and I thought it would be a perfect time for me to release my next horror/mystery novel.

Drumroll please! Here is the cover for it. It is called "Three, Four ... Better lock your door". It is the second book in the Rebekka Franck-series. It will be out by the end of this month - just in time for Halloween. It's seriously scary. Gave me the chills while writing it.

Anyway here is the cover - I can't wait to get the book out.

Until then - be careful out there!


Monday, October 8, 2012

My book The Eye of the Crystal ball is FREE this week, from the 8-12 october.
It's already on two best-seller lists in the US, one in UK and one in Germany.