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Monday, March 4, 2013

Courageous is out!

Hi Everybody,

The fourth and final installment in my Afterlife-series is released. I am very pleased with this book and loved to finally finish the story.  This is the book where you get all the answers. Don't miss out on how it all ends. Only one day old and it has already received its first review - and it's five starred!

Meanwhile I have begun writing the fourth book in my Rebekka Franck-horror-series. It will be out in April.

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Courageous on Amazon

Willow Rose is a bestselling author and Courageous is the fourth and final installment in her popular Afterlife-series. 

Meghan is pregnant and about to get married, but something is not right between her and Mick. She is hoping that the marriage and a baby on the way will help them to overcome their problems but the past keeps haunting her and now she fears that it might be too late.

To make things worse Jason keeps showing up in her life and Meghan finds it harder and harder to fight her feelings for him. 
And what about Meghan's empty pages in her Book of Life? Will she finally get the answers she has been searching for?

Don't miss out on this suspenseful conclusion as Meghan finally finds out the truth about her own life and gets ready to leave the Academy for good with her true love.

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  1. It's a joy it's finally released.. Gotta start saving. Can't wait to have the answers. Hope it gets on the bestseller list soon. Best Wishes!